How do i solve my load attribute issue?! (I will pay whoever solves the problem)

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Hey all,

I am almost done with my first GS game, and it is pretty much all ready except for one issue. I have characters you can unlock. I have been testing my app using test flight on my iPhone 7+. Once i unlock a character and go out of the game and go back in, its still unlocked. but once I completely close the app, and i reopen it, the characters will be locked again. I have tried everything with the load attributes. Everything works just fine with loading my unlocked levels and coins collected. The only thing that isn't loading is the unlocked characters.

I am ready to publish my app but this is the only issue holding me back. I am willing to pay anyone who solves this simple but annoying issue (negotiable).

Send me a message or reply to this post through the comments and I will send you the game to see the issue.



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