Swapping location of two actors

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Hi everyone. I am looking for a simple way to swap the location of two actors (not tapping two actors separately, I saw that video) but my swiping from one to the other as in most match 3 games. I will only ever have 6 tiles so there isn't a huge board but I need them to be able to be swapped with any adjecent tile (not diagonal) and it must be a swipe not two taps. Thanks!


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    edited July 2017

    You can do it this way , but i don't think its the best method (there might be few bugs) , it might help if you didnt find a solution , demo attached :)

  • LuappAppsLuappApps Posts: 16Member, PRO

    I ended up playing with some cool collision rules. The finished product can be seen in my app "Cube Swap" on Google Play and iOS

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