TestFlight, only black screen

civocivo Posts: 4Member, PRO


I made a GS game in 2014, which has been released for iOS.
The last month it has been downloaded over 2500 times.
Before there were only 10-20 downloads.
I think now, it's about time for an update.

I have updated some of the pictures and corrected a few small errors, nothing big.
The game works fine in GS on Mac, so I upload it to GS homepage and sign for itunes connect.

I upload the game with Application Loader and everything is fine.
In itunesconnect, I'm testing the game using TestFlight.

On my iphone I open testably and install my game
Then I open the game, first being met by picture where I still use GS free, then the screen will be black.

Anybody knows why the screen just turns black?


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