Bug- restore purchases android (could lead to app suspension)

BigDaveBigDave Posts: 2,239Member
edited July 2017 in Working with GS (Mac)

The Restore behaviour does not seem to connect to the Google Play Account of the user.

Test case:
1. The player has bought the non-consumable In-app.
2. The player uninstalls the App.
3. The player comes back and hits the restore button.
4. Nothing happens.
5. The player hits the in-app option again.
6. The player is told he can buy the in-app.
7. the player hits buy.
7. Google play tells him that he already has this item and that he can restore it for free.

Most player will not try to re-buy the item to find out they can restore it.
The restore behaviour itself is none-responsive.


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