Web version features?

Hi all. It has been a while and I hope everyone is doing well. I had a few questions about the upcoming web versions of GS. I looked around but was not able to see a list of features.

Is there is a list of features that might be different from the current version. I am wondering if there will be support for .exe export, functions/methods/scripts, pixel collision, and being able to modify object variables from within other objects, etc.

Any information is appreciated.



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    I'll quote GS here , these are all the updates they gave us so far in order.

    • You can have multiple actor tabs open to quickly switch between actors that you want to view
    • (In regards to the point above) If you have an instance of an actor open, it tells you what scene that instance is on, and you can edit its logic when viewing a different scene if need be.
    • There's a button in the layers tab to hide individual actors for easier visual editing (and we want to have this option for entire layers as well, though it's not added currently).

    A reworked expression editor:
    * You can type in it and it’ll autocomplete your attributes / functions for you
    * There’s some very basic error handling
    * You can’t save an invalid expression
    * Tables now have their own section in the expression editor (i.e tables.PurchaseTable)
    * A search bar for actors, images, etc

    Reworked UI:
    * Plans to have dark and light UI
    * You can see instance attributes for an actor while in the scene view
    * Unlocking and locking attributes is more intuitive (there’s a little lock icon next to the attributes that you can toggle)
    * Adding tags isn’t as tedious now: You simply type the name of the tag you want for an actor in a Tags field, and if the tag doesn’t exist it’s added to the list of tags (no more needing to leave the actor view to add tags)

    • You can view, create, and edit game attributes while in the Actor view
    • Really common attributes (i.e color, size, rotation etc) are no longer in dropdown boxes
    • Some slight terminology changes to be more in line with actual programming languages (i.e rules now have the sections if, then, else)
    • Zoom 25% - 200% in 25% increments.
    • Auto-complete: Expression editor, Image selection, Scene Selection, Attribute selection (so they're no longer dropdowns).
    • Scene Editor multi-select + movement and resize.
    • Animation preview on animate behavior.
    • Tables - you can now insert rows and columns with a context menu (right clicking).
    • Sort. You can sort assets (images, sounds, fonts, scenes, actors) Alphabetically and by Add Date, forward and backward.
    • Search filtering. The libraries will filter based on a search box.
    • Hide individual actors.


    • Hide whole layers
    • For folders / grouping of actors, I'm looking to do universal tagging. I've always thought tagging is more powerful than folders. The plan would be to have a "folder view" for tags that would show all the tags as folders and let you dig in.
    • Asset inspector view. If you double click on a Font / Image / Sound, it would show you meta-data about the asset and let you preview it.
    • Snap to grid. This will be easy-ish to develop. Conceptually not hard, just enough
      moving parts that I don't want to rush it.

    • Error console. (List of project errors with direct links to the errors).

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    Thansk @Icebox ! Good info. Do you know if there is a roadmap for the web version?

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    They gave us some info , but not a roadmap , i'm just copying from earlier threads.

    The version we're releasing this Spring is going to be geared towards education with a subset of behaviors and only work online. At the speed we're going, I'm hoping to have something approaching the full version by the winter. That version will likely be online only too, but will have all the functionality of the full tool.

    Once that's done, we'll start work writing a backend that would allow us to run the tool inside a desktop wrapper and save files locally (something that both you guys as developer and some schools want).

    Regarding exe , quoting from previous threads as well

    for the short term we won't be working on the Windows engine port, mostly because we need to get through the Google Play stuff, then loading screen bugs, and then taking a look at scene loading times again.

    Unfortunately , there isn't any roadmap at the moment but they have their reasons not to release one , "to avoid releasing a roadmap that might end up breaking" as they mentioned earlier.

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    Don't forget - if you're itching to get in the new tool yourself, you can message @ForumNinja to get in the Early Beta! It's really shaping up nicely and I think y'all will love it!

  • crestwoodgamescrestwoodgames Posts: 191Member

    @Braydon_SFX That would be awesome! Hopefully .exe support will come soon. I really enjoyed the ease of gamesalad, but no .exe support is a deal breaker for me.

    I will keep any eye on the forums.

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    @Icebox said:
    I'll quote GS here , these are all the updates they gave us so far in order.

    Thanks Icebox

    This list really should be a sticky post. People would have to read through many posts to get everything.

    thanks for doing that.


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    @Toque you welcome. I usually copy every update they provide to my notes for no reason :p , so just dragged it here.

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    been trying to use the web version but never seems to work when it trys to load my projects

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    @paulkerry said:
    been trying to use the web version but never seems to work when it trys to load my projects

    Others have stated the same problem. Its not finished yet.......

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