HTML5: Corrupted fonts on any text that is large-ish (URGENT!!)

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What's up with the corrupted fonts in HTML5 builds?

It's been there for about 3 years at least.

Is it going to be fixed?



Also, the text on these buttons is offset in the HTML5 build.

Can that be fixed? Are these known issues?

Aren't these bugs that have been around for ages, and surely are known about?

PS: I'm using Game Salad 1.25.79 on Mac to publish my HTML5 build.


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    All text seems to "offset" on the X and Y incorrectly, I guess because the "resolution" of the game doesn't match the resolution of the project (iPad for example) properly.

    How is this best addressed? Shouldn't Game Salad just take care of this for me? It takes care of it for Android, Mac and iOS. Shouldn't HTML5 also match?

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    Also, as I brought up a year or so ago, collisions ("Overlap or Collide") do NOT work the same as on the other platforms, meaning my game doesn't work properly.

    Is this not a known and urgent problem, guys?

    Also, the steering on my car does not work the same. It's super "weak", in that I guess the way "Angular Velocity" works on HTML5 is different and doesn't match the other platforms.

    I brought all these up a year or more ago.

    Is there any chance at all that these things will ever be fixed?

    Also, audio does not play positionally. Meaning all the audio in my game is wrong on HTML5.

    It's un-usable.

    Will these things ever be fixed?


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    I was getting all excited about releasing my game on Kongregate, and wrapping HTML5 as an EXE for Steam, and this has all come as a big blow.

    It's never going to happen, I guess.

    A whole half of my plans and hopes for my game just slid away.

    Guess I'm stuck with iOS and Mac only.

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    This bug needs to be fixed.

    Reported: 2015-10-21 14:25

    Surely this is a high priority bug!? "Collisions don't work the same on HTML5".

    This bug is 2 years old!

    Doesn't this bug cripple 1/3rd of the games out there? At least?

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    Bug 1462 - HTML5 - In GS 0.13.34, Angular Velocity is about 3.3x less effective when published to HTML5 than in Creator/iOS/etc

    Can this please be fixed? Isn't this just a number tweak somewhere to put it in line with the other platforms?

    Reported 2 years ago.

    Reported: 2015-10-30

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    Bug 1432 - FEATURE REQUEST: Add support in Play Sound (for HTML5) for Positional and Pitch features. They currently don't work.

    Positional audio.

    Reported 2 years ago.

    Reported: 2015-10-05

    Will this ever work, so my game actually functions on HTML5?

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    Who can I start talking to at Game Salad to have these things fixed and working?


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    They are fixing the html5 engine to match the native engines so they will look into text rendering , collisions .. etc .. This is what they have been doing the past year.

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    @Icebox said:
    They are fixing the html5 engine to match the native engines so they will look into text rendering , collisions .. etc .. This is what they have been doing the past year.

    So, do we have any idea when?

    I reported these bugs 2 years ago, and they've been around longer than that.

    I've finally nearly finished my game, and I have no reason to believe they'll be fixed in the next 6 months, which is pretty sad.

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    Things like this should not take a matter of YEARS.

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    edited August 2017

    As far as I can tell, HTML5 output is the only path to making a (wrapped) EXE version, for Steam,, GOG, etc, etc, etc... so with an HTML5 export that doesn't work fully, there is no EXE output...

    And well... that's just a really serious shame.

    Game Salad users can release their game to... Mac. And not PC.

    Super lame. Super disappointing.

    QUESTION: Can I output my Game Salad game in a format that I can release it for PC (Steam), the world's biggest desktop gaming market? Via HTML5 or otherwise? If so, how?

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    I still need to make a demonstration project showing the TEXT OFFSET problem between builds.

    Perhaps you guys at Game Salad could reproduce this yourself.

    But I'll try to get to it some time... assuming it might help to get it fixed.

    This issue seems to be listed in BUGS here...

    A simple summary is that when text is told to display at an X,Y offset, the spacing is not calculated the same way that it is for Mac and iOS.

    Expected result: Text placement should always match the position across Mac, iOS and HTML5, exactly the same positioning.

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