Android Testers Needed! - Android Lagging Problem

I recently published the Android version of my game 'Evasion : Legacy', but when testing the app on an Android phone, it is so laggy that it is unplayable. The Android phone I have access to is an older model, and I don't have any other Android devices to test on. If anyone has an Android device and could try playing 'Evasion : Legacy' to check for this glitch, it would be appreciated. Download it free here:


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    Expect that to happen on older android devices, one of the reasons i only create games for ios at the moment, game stutters and lags on older devices .. we talked about it many times before but never got anywhere. It has something to do with delta time . They just say they will look into it and the issue is ignored and as they are now focusing on html5 it will not be adressed any time soon. But i read they will show some android love later on so there might be a chance they fix it someday.

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