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Hello everyone.

I've just been informed that the Vanilla will need to perform some scheduled maintenance this Friday (September 15th) from 9:00 PM (UTC-4) to 11:00 PM (UTC-4), so don't be alarmed if the forums are unavailable during that timeframe.


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    I seem to be getting the following error when I try and publish.
    The internets are broken. Please try again later. If the problem persists contact us and reference publish request [a962ef5e-2137-4514-a3b3-267dc15f159c].

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    I just tried and I'm seeing "The network connection was lost."

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    For publishing errors, please try again. It looks like Amazon S3 in the region we use was experiencing unexpected throttling errors. For instance, @Binary Computing 's error was a "503 Slow Down" which meant Amazon wanted us to throttle our request. It coincides with the error window. Amazon says things are back to normal, so let your publishing fly free again!

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