IAP auto-purchase

For some reason my code results in an automatic purchase of Gold during my BETA testing.
When i enter the shop in the game, it purchases before i touch the buy button.
i've displayed (purchaseshopTBL,1,5) to see what happens and as soon as I enter the shop it changed automatically to "purchased" even without actually buying the IAP

Am I missing anything?


  • abuabed84abuabed84 Posts: 459Member, PRO

    what i've noticed now after a few altering with the code is that (purchaseTBL,1,5) permanently changed to "purchased" and doesn't change back
    This results is this auto-purchase as soon as I enter the shop.

    The problem is that I didn't even purchase the item to begin with, I simply press the buy button and no prompt appeared to ask me whether to buy or not, it purchased without an actual payment for the item.

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