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Hi guys,

I am trying to consolidate some of the behaviours in my game into one Actor that i do not need to edit the rules of in each scene. i am trying to use Go To Scene and use a table cell value to drive the scene selection, the row of which is specified by an actor attribute.

the issue is this doesn't seem to work, and im not sure why. from what i can tell this is logically correct and should function in the way i am expecting. any ideas?

Behaviour i am using.

Table that contains scene names.

Unexpected result, as you can see the scene names match the table cell values.

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    ah looks like by index it means the order of the scene in the Scenes tab, would be good to access this by name.

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    Yes, scene index is by integer value according to the order of scenes in the Scenes tab.

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    Yes, there are some shortcomings when it comes to scene index. It's just a number and you cannot read the current scene's index when in it.

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