Future of GameSalad!!!

After all my experience in the last 1-2 months of being pro, i am really worried about the future of GameSalad.

  • No High Sierra support (and no estimated time of solution)
  • Currently not able to upload binaries created by GameSalad for days. (Which makes Gamesalad useless for now)

These are not basic problems and i am really worried if my time is wasted trying to expertise on GameSalad. My problem is not taking my money back, i like using game salad. However I'm not sure that GameSalad has a bright future.

Currently i've started to look for alternatives for GameSalad.

I think the responsible, managers etc have to make a clear explanation about what is happening.

Thank you.


  • DaddyMagicDaddyMagic Posts: 27Member
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    I wouldn't be really worried I'd be seriously worried. Count your investment in GS gone, at least you didn't flush 3-4 years worth like I did. Your on the right track looking for an alternative game engine. I really liked GS once and it had good potential but GS's focus is on the web version which is ridiculous (you don't see any other game engines doing this nonsense) and educational market. The lack of features such as linkages, associated elements and real-time collision shape editing makes the engine useless for a quality game experience.

    GS is like having your first car, it might start, it might embarrassingly get you to your destination and you surely cant depend on it always. Then comes the time to throw the towel in suck it up and pay for that new shiny car. That being said everyone starts somewhere and has to move on to something alot better, see you out there :)

  • Cutscene+EntertainmentCutscene Entertainment Posts: 90Member, PRO
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    I believe gamesalad is an excellent starting point, but if you want to make anything other than 2D, single-player mobile games for the rest of your existence on this planet, I recommend you start learning C#. Don't try to find a game engine that can build without code, just learn C#, no matter how long it takes. You will always be a slave to the templates and preset codes provided by the system unless you learn the language. I cannot stress it enough.
    TreeHouse has an outstanding course to help you get started. Here it is:
    If you do take this path I wish you luck.

  • AlchimiaStudiosAlchimiaStudios Posts: 855Member, PRO
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    @Icebox thats why they avoid saying anything about it , imagine having a bug in your game and you spend time trying to fix it and the players keep asking you to give an estimated time , you will probably answer , i will release it as soon as the bugs are fixed :)

    I like doing this too. Imagining yourself in a similar situation always helps me keep things in perspective.

    Given the resources GS has, could I get out an update faster if I was in there shoes?

    Probably not.

    So I try and wait patiently(ish) for the tool I like to use to get updates.

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  • Thank you for all comments. These are really valuable. I've started to look for alternatives. However GS was a good starting point.

    Neverthless i am still waiting for a fix by GS developers. I think i've got a strong connection with GS :)

  • games4fungames4fun Posts: 185Member

    I would say future of Gamesalad is not looking good at all. Case in point the team page link below states Gamesalad only has 3 employees.

    Just to give you guys a perspective Unity3d has 1500 employees. So all this talk about things not getting updated in a timely manner and lack of communication is because of this. Gamesalad for years has been going in the opposite direction as far as employee count. That to me along with the fact we are putting our game development futures in the hands of 3 people is extremely risky. Even the CEO of Gamesalad doesn't even list his employment of Gamesalad on LinkedIn. At least from what I can see by not logging in.

    I personally don't see much of a future with Gamesalad. I would love for them to be extremely transparent going forward. My biggest worry is all the time and investment put into projects that we might not be able to update much longer because who knows one day they might just close shop without a warning. All signs are pointing to this becoming reality.

    Numerous CEO changes
    Business Model Change to shift main focus to students
    Drop in Employees
    Complete change in the software direction
    Less communication
    Less updates
    No more Gamesalad Marketplace

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