I guess I'll just cancel my subscription and move on...

BigCatBigCat Posts: 18Member, PRO

Long story short: "Since I cannot use this product due to it's new incompatibility with my operating system, I have no choice but to scrap projects and consider other options. It's been nice guys. But I can't take this team seriously anymore. I'm out for now at least. shrug


  • Bowhill+GamesBowhill Games Posts: 187Member, PRO

    @BigCat i wish i could say this is a one off issue but unfortunately since i have been a member this has happend a few times, where the creator simply doesnt work and takes weeks or longer to get fixed. It looks as if you relatively new to using GS, and sadly uv missed the glory days of using the product.

    I would strongly consider using another tool.

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  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 2,222Member

    Download the latest version (the beta), which runs on High Sierra quite well.

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