My experience with tilesets, platformer, CPU Usage, etc...

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I started with a platformer a few weeks ago.
GS Version 1.25.85

To the initial situation, I work in the iPhone 6 landscape mode.
Here I have Screen Width of (Width 5888px - 7360px / Height 828px - 1242px)
My Tilesets consists 40 modules with a size of 64x64px

After creating the first two, three levels, I've already noticed that the FPS was pretty much on the limit.
I can not say exactly how many individual blocks I used in the levels, but now I know it was too many.

I have summarized the individual blocks.
So I had tiles of about 128x128 or 320x64 and bigger.
After designing the levels with the new tiles, the memory and CPU usage have dropped.
Unfortunately, this was not enough for a good FPS performance.

Furthermore, I have reduced all my images to the size of the actual actor size in the game.
Here again the FPS has risen.

I also had many timers in the Actors.
As I've noticed, they pull a lot of performance, I tried the timers to deal with other behaviors.

Meanwhile, I am very satisfied with the performance ... it's playable:-)

(58-60FPS) before 35-40FPS
CPU usage at about 32....before 36-40

I also have to say that only one actor (playing character) works with a lot of code.
All other actors have in 3-4 Behavior.

Maybe I could help the one or the other here.

At this point I would like to say something to GS.

Yes, currently the GS software includes a few bugs, but ...
For my part, I am really happy to belong to the GS Community for years and be able to work with GS.
I think GS is a great tool that still has a lot of potential.

In the sense...


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