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Hi GS Community,

I have had trouble making money from my games? I have used AdMob/Revmob in the past, but they have only brought me trouble and stress. In addition, how do you guys market your games and get them known? Is there a solid way to make money and/or get your app out on the top charts?



  • natclarkenatclarke Brisbane, AustraliaMember, PRO Posts: 240

    I downloaded an app called udemy. There are great paid courses on this topic.

    The only IOS & Androis App Marketing course you will ever need (audio & PDF)

    The complete app marketing course (Visual)

    I found both of these helpful from key words, 3 App icons, Creating screen shots that look like the app in in use (There are programs to do this), PR, Moneterization etc.

    Nat Clarke
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  • GirlTravelFactorGirlTravelFactor Member Posts: 15

    How's the result of AdMob/Revmob for you?

    If you got budget for your mobile games, I advise you to hire your own SEO or PPC Specialist. Either be a part time or full time that can work on your products. You get to see and be part of marketing process of all the work and what to include/exclude. It will be worth your money instead of dealing with advertising agency.

    Or you can do the digital marketing by yourself. You just have to learn SEO and PPC while doing your game development.

    But I prefer hiring freelance SEO or PPC Spacialist rather than marketing agency.

    • Quality, dedicated people on certain task
    • It is your own team, you can update anytime
    • Cost effective, but do not look for the cheapest, quality over quantity

    Hope this helps you.

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