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Hello @adent42 for years users have asked for push notifications in gamesalad... now in my work we used Unity and when we went to implement push notifications, we found that the process was complex, requires servers, not easy configuration on the Apple developer side , etc...
BUT, we discovered that local notifications are quite simple... because no server is required, nor any configuration on the Apple side... and although a priori these do not seem as useful as push notifications, because local notifications must be predefined in the build, these can also be used to send a message to the users on certain time and dates.
Thinking about that, I wanted to ask you to evaluate the incorporation of local notifications in GS, which do not seem so complex and can be very useful for hooking users to our games.

Thank you in advance!


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    Worth noting that these local notifications could probably be combined with Appformative to allow you to update the notifications whenever the game is run. I can't imagine all that many situations were true push notifications would be needed for a game. I bet most requests are for these local notifications - to let people send reminders that a task is finished or that there's a new mode unlocked in the game etc.

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    The truth is that local notifications end up being very useful ... for example, you can set a reminder that they will play your game in a week ... and every time your game opens, it deletes the notifications already programmed and schedules a new one to within a week... that way, you make sure the notification arrives, when the game hasn't been running for a week.
    In the same way, if you put some content for a period of time, you can notify users that there are x days left for the content to stop being, etc.
    Obviously everything has to be planned in advance, but it's much better than having nothing... unless you get hooked with Appformative, great idea! ;)

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    Hi @adent42 you can see that... really I think that this could be a good option :)

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    Hi @adent42
    I know that they are surely super busy, but you can always take 10 min a week to answer queries like this, even if it is with "for now it is impossible".
    I have been a pro member for years, and although I do not use GS sometimes for months or years, it is my way of supporting you... the other way, is with suggestions like this, which I propose based on the experience of working in my studio where he works with Unity, a great team and developing games for the Apple Arcade among others.
    I believe in the potential of GS and amused to use it for personal projects ... really, I think it needs a few things and a little support, to strengthen itself as a tool and interest more people. It would be great to even open a proposal that things should be done or improved, prioritize them and mark a road map, you will surely have the support of many of us for it.

    Thank you! :)

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    Weirdly, server based notifications are easier for us because we'd have to implement and interface the logic for background task for in-app notifications.

    I'm busy with getting Android Billing upgrade and then the next big project is APK expansion files (for games over 100mb).

    For notifications I see 3 options:

    • Existing "easy" service like OneSignal or Urban Airship
    • Cloud service like Firebase or Amazon SNS
    • A in-house GameSalad based service.
      As my thinking becomes clearer on it, I'll let the community know what's up.
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    Hi @adent42 I understand, I thought that local notifications would be easier, since these do not require servers or anything.

    I have found that local notifications, which at first seem very limited, are very useful, we use them in our CHARRUA Soccer game in the Apple Arcade.Also, in particular the Apple Arcade does not allow the application to communicate with external sites, that is to say, that the push notifications I do not think the Arcade approves.

    If push notifications are possible, I have 2 questions:

    1- how much configuration and eventual approval is required on the Apple side ... because perhaps it is not so simple.

    2- As for the server options you mention, I vote for those in which it has no cost, because otherwise its use will be restricted.

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