Google Play Games - Leaderboards not working on Android

gpoppigpoppi Member, PRO Posts: 47

Hi All,

I'm trying to get leaderboards working on android devices.

I'm publishing using the RC build and believe I have set up Google Play services correctly.

When testing the build, Google Play Services opens up as soon as the app is launched. A banner pops up stating "Connecting to Play Games", which then disappears and the menu screen appears.

The game is unable to open leaderboards and post scores after that. Works fine on iOS.

Any ideas?




  • paulkerrypaulkerry Member, PRO Posts: 25

    I have one game called flat pinball on android that has the same issue. it works perfectly find on Amazon and iOS but doesn't post the score in google play leaderboards. I think its got something to do with the timer but I am not 100% sure.

    Do you also have a timer?

    I have submitted this to game salad support they never seem to be able to solve the issue.

  • gingagaminggingagaming FREELANCE GS DEV Member Posts: 1,683

    I can confirm these are working correctly. I have spent a week with a million tests trying to work out why they wasn't working for me. They are just overcomplicated to set up. I maybe able to help as its all fresh in my head!

    So tell me if:

    Do you have this game on the store (published and downloadable)


    Are you testing this in "Internal Testing"

    There is a massive difference between the two when it comes to Play services

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