Text Issues

staffordsignsstaffordsigns Member, PRO Posts: 26

Is there a special way to get text to display at the top of the actor? I've set everything to top align.

**Also, program crashes when entering text, hitting 'done',...then clicking actor again to type in more.


  • bob loblawbob loblaw Member, PRO Posts: 525

    change the position settings

  • staffordsignsstaffordsigns Member, PRO Posts: 26

    I did however currently it's setting the text 'Centered'... so as there's more text, it doesn't line up and goes beyond the actor :(

  • adent42adent42 Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 1,786

    Sadly we don't do text align top / middle / bottom at this time. it's always centered. But you should be able to use the Position parameters to offset from center.

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