Issue with sound on new ios devices (still have not found a soultion)


I am reposting this because i have not found a solution and apple has now begun kicking my apps off the store because they are required to be updated and i can not due to the sound issue:

I have a number of apps that i produced using Gamesalad a couple years ago and published on the app store. I just started to work through them to update for newer devices but when i export the new builds and test, the sound does not work. I tested on 2 iPads, one running 9.3.5 and a newer one running 13.0. Sound works on the older versions but not on the newer version.

I tried RC build and had the same issue. My sound files are mp3, i assume support has not changed for this format. My next stop was to test with .ogg

Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?


  • pinkio75pinkio75 Member, PRO Posts: 941

    Hi yesterday i've the same issue with 2 android games...

    I've export the games but only the "musics file" .m4a are not present in the final .Apk

    The sound file are present the issue afflict only the music file...

    i've used RC for the builds.

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