Yet Another Resolution Thread

Keith SyskaKeith Syska Member, BASIC Posts: 5

Hello everyone. I've been searching the forum, but I'm still a bit confused about image resolution.

I am making a graphic novel with decision points. There is very little action or animation, so most of my imagery will be created in Photoshop and will occupy the entire screen.

I am designing my game for mobile devices. The iPhone 5 project properties are working perfectly for me because my actors are either full screen or large buttons.

So, here are my questions:

  • Is there a downside to using the iPhone 5 project properties?
  • Will a mobile device display my imagery at the full resolution of the asset file regardless of the project properties (or as close to full resolution as the device can display)?
  • What resolution should I export from Photoshop for a full-screen image? 1,136 x 640?


Oops, ETA: I'm not really concerned with backward compatibility. Should I just disable RI? Assuming I do that, should I then make my asset resolution twice that of the actors anyway?


  • Keith SyskaKeith Syska Member, BASIC Posts: 5
    edited June 17

    I'm looking at the universal build threads now (holy cow!). So I'm thinking about switching to iPad project properties, but this makes the GameSalad application window much more difficult to navigate. Oh well.

    My game is a very simple landscape storyboard. My new plan is to use full-screen assets with a resolution of 1,800 pixels (width).

    If I use overscan, how much of the top and bottom could potentially get cut off? What's a safe margin to leave empty?

    I've seen the formulas for moving actors up and down to accommodate for overscan in landscape view. I'd rather just build my actors closer to the center to begin with. My actors are buttons that you click or drag. They don't move independently. And even if I design actors that do move, I can constrain them to a middle region of the screen. I just need to know what that region is.

    Sorry for the noob questions. Any help would be appreciated!

  • ArmellineArmelline Member, PRO Posts: 4,936

    You probably want to use 720p landscape rather than iPad if you were originally working on iPhone 5.

  • Keith SyskaKeith Syska Member, BASIC Posts: 5

    Thanks for the tip.

    Can you shed any light on how the GameSalad engine works? What if I create a low-res project but use high-res assets? How will the engine handle that?

    Basically, I need high resolution for my imagery, but low resolution is fine for the mechanics of my game. Can I get away with using the iPhone 5 project properties with much higher resolution images? Or would the engine reduce them down to the resolution of the project properties? I'm trying to use the simulator to see how it works, but I can't quite make sense of it.

  • Keith SyskaKeith Syska Member, BASIC Posts: 5
    edited June 17

    I'm actually going to change my aspect ratio to 2.16:1 to develop specifically for the new iPhone. I'll worry about the rest later. So, my new point of confusion is this: Do I need to resize my scenes to the full 1792x828? Or can I scale the scene way down (448x207) without losing fidelity of my imagery (assuming that my assets are uploaded at 1792x828)?

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