Accelerometer display actor within given part of the x, y, z scale?

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Hi guys,

I'm playing around with the accelerometer in GS for the first time ever (late to the party, I know). Rather than creating a ball-type actor that rolls around, what I've done is ask it to display text when the accelerometer hits a certain point (eg. -1 on the x scale).

Problem is that it hits x -1 very briefly and then moves on to another part of the scale (and I want to do this for multiple different areas not just x -1 of course), so instead I want to say 'if accelerometer is on a scale between -1 and -5 on the x axis, display this text only until the accelerometer is no longer in that area'. How do I specify a real number area like that, where it will display for the whole time that it is in that area?

Oh and for context: eventually I want to replace the display text function with the displaying of an actor but I don't want it to just spawn over and over again like crazy while the accelerometer is within that point scale (which it does when using spawn actor function), I'd love it to just switch to that actor and stay there, then switch to something else when it is no longer in that area on the scale. So at present I'm thinking the best way to do this is to set up each actor on a boolean attribute that turns on and off. I'm just about to test whether this actually works like I'd hoped or not.

Does anyone have any advice? Cheers


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