Searching a Table and displaying all rows that have a certain value

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Hello Everyone,

I have a question about searching a table and displaying (text on screen) all of the rows from that table that have a certain value (lets say 1).

My table has 100 rows and only 1 column. So lets say rows 1/50 have the value of 1 and 51/100 have a different value, I'm trying to display all of the rows that have the value of 1.

It may be a simple feature I just don't know how to use yet (Gamesalad is new to me) but any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    I forgot to mention that I figured out how to use the tableSearch function when displaying text, but as soon as it comes across a row with the value I'm looking for is displays that row and doesn't keep searching for other rows with that value.

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    You'll need to use the Loop Over Table behaviour. Exactly how you'll use it will depend on how you want to record the results. Probably something like this, though the Change Attribute method I use here will almost certainly need changing, depeind on how you need the data. Also you'll have to imagine it's the PC version of GS as I only have my Mac with me right now, but the method will be the same.

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    I'll try this out!

    Thank you

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