I'm back, need some advice re versions and publishing workflows etc

Hi everyone

Been here for around 7 years lurking in the shadows lol, was quite active during the whole flappy bird saga and for about 2 years after that,

Anyways Iv'e decided to renew my GS sub this weekend, I went away and learnt unity and c# but I still can't deny how easy GS is to make quick casual games etc and I miss it, so want to get back on it with some games I want to finish.

Some questions I have if someone could be kind enough to answer:

1: Whats the best version of GS to use these days for Mac publishing to both IOS and android.

2: Is there an updated IOS / apple connect publishing tutorial, I remember there used to be a great one here at one point. "I really need to find out what to do on the apple side again"

3: how you guys doing? :)

Thank you so much



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