Problem using GS Viewer

Hi everybody!

I'm having some issues with the viewer and i don't really know why... I have a game in which you have the move around the screen and drag some objects in order to finish the game correctly.

In my computer the logic works fine, but when i preview it in the GS Viewer i doesn't works the way it should be.

any idea? It's strange because everything works the way i want in my computer, troubles come when i try to preview it on the viewer.



  • adent42adent42 Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 1,989

    The viewer and the tool use the same engine, so unless you're somehow using an old version of the viewer, that wouldn't likely be the source of difference.

    The next thing I'd think of is either the app resolution or device performance.

    1) Your game is doing something that is processor or memory intensive, enough to exhibit differences on the platforms.

    2) Your game has some logic that depends on device resolution, in which case, the device resolution might be different and your logic is not working.

    Those would be my guesses for the first two places to look.

  • Hi @adent42

    i finally solve it by changing some logics of the game.

    thanks anyway for your response!!

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