Screaming Loaf: Coming very soon + art contest!

AshumBesherAshumBesher Member, PRO Posts: 77

Development of my latest game is nearing the end. Screaming Loaf should be up on the Android Play Store sometime within the next few weeks!

Screaming Loaf is a quirky puzzle-platformer where you play as a loaf of bread who screams. The objective is to scream at all of the enemies in each level, which include jam jars and cheese wedges, to avoid them making a sandwich out of the loaf. The loaf has the ability to split into slices so he can be in multiple places at once, this is used for puzzle solving and for destroying far apart enemies more efficiently.

To celebrate the upcoming release, I've decided to host a fan art competition on my Instagram page. The winner will get their scream put into the game! Visit the link below for contest details.


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