Interpolating size from one point of the actor

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Hi all!

I'm trying to make some animations that have the looped animation feel you get from Unity/after effects/ or other keyframe software. This is for the AI/stationary state on an actor when he isn't being interacted with. So I just want my actor to move around a little and bob up and down as an AI animation.

To make him swing back and forth just a little, I'll use this:

But I also want to interpolate the size in and out just a little to stretch him, to make the movement feel more organic. And this would just loop over and over. Like the stick in the above 'rotate to angle' example, it would be better if one side of the actor (the feet side) could constrain in place, and thus stretches while constraining one side to it's original position, so that it doesn't look like his feet are changing position on the ground... if that makes sense.

How would I do this without conflicting with any of the 'rotate to angle' constrains seen in the above attached post? Or do I just add something to the rotate to angle constrains?


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