How to test stretch, overscan, and letterbox on PC?

dyoh777dyoh777 Member, PRO Posts: 27

How can I test in the different modes (overscan, stretch, and letterbox) in the PC version of the editor? Do I need to use the viewer on another device? On the Mac editor I believe I could choose and now I can't on the PC or I'm not sure how to do it.



  • UltraLionBluUltraLionBlu Member Posts: 157

    Hi, you can use the browser version of Gamesalad to test the views

  • paczkowpaczkow Member, PRO Posts: 4

    So even using browser version, how is this suppose to work? I tried, and Overscan/Letterbox/Stretch do now work, just a single random view works :(

  • RedRoboRedRobo Member, PRO Posts: 671

    Had no idea they were not available on PC editor. Was thinking of moving over to PC from mac. This would make it impossible for me.

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