Jetman Galactic Mars - Looking for Beta testers.

Chris FitsimonsChris Fitsimons Member, PRO Posts: 110

Hi everyone.  I am looking for a couple of beta testers for my game Jetman Galactic Mars. This game is based off one of my favourite games on the ZX Spectrum called Jetpac.

Jetpac is an arcade-style shooter video game developed and published by Ultimate Play the Game and released for the ZX Spectrum 1983. The game is the first instalment in the Jetman series and is the first game to be released by the Ultimate company, who were later known as Rare. The game follows Jetman as he must rebuild his rocket in order to explore different planets, while simultaneously defending himself from hostile aliens. 

My version of the game has a planned release date of the 23rd March 2021 for iPhone and iPad (iOS).

If you are interested in testing the game and provide good input, I will add your name to the in-game credits screen 

All I ask is that you fill out a form after playing the game for a bit.  You will need an iPhone or iPad and to install Apples TestFlight app.

Inbox me your email address and apple will send you an email with instructions on how to install testflight and obtain a copy of the game.

This game will not be released on Android at this time due to performance reasons.

Jetman Galactic


  • adent42adent42 Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 2,102

    What kind of performance issues?

  • Chris FitsimonsChris Fitsimons Member, PRO Posts: 110

    the game will run ok on the latest hi-end android phones but anything below high end the frame rate is so low it’s not really playable. An iPhone 6s runs the game perfect but put it on a moto g7 or Sony L4 then need to turn off some animations. I did add rules to work out device performance and turn off all animations it was not enough to make it playable. In the end it’s not worth publishing to the android platform

    the main reason is the use of camera zoom in the main game. It has to use a lot of constrains to keep everything in place while camera zooms depending on player position. I wanted to try and capture the zoom found in jetpac refilled on Xbox.

    i plan to come back to the android version after iOS release and strip out all the zoom and constrains to see how much performance is improved. I expect I will have to limit devices it can be installed on if it does get released.

    Jetman Galactic

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