Can't create IAP - Google Console

ZombieFactory GamesZombieFactory Games Member, PRO Posts: 13


I don't understand why the Google Play console don't detect billing authorization in my APK file.

I published it with RC Build, SDK 21, activated the checkbox's for Google into and filled the "Service" category with the RSA Public Key.

Did I missed something? Any tips please?

The GS IAP side is ok since it works well on App Store

[Edit : Sorry, the screenshot from Google is french]

Thank you!


  • BaguvixBaguvix Member, PRO Posts: 35

    Same problem here, Google play console is not detecting the billing permission in recently added apk, preventing you to set up IAP even on alpha channel. Old apps work fine though.

  • adent42adent42 Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 2,187

    regenerate. we removed the permissions because it was causing a false positive for the "old" billing system (and their docs say it's not needed anymore).

    BUT it seem sit is, so it's back for now. Just regenerate and resubmit.

  • ZombieFactory GamesZombieFactory Games Member, PRO Posts: 13

    It now works! Thanks a lot :)

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