Dodge & Pursuit - A fast-paced multi-themed strategy game!

BaguvixBaguvix Member, PRO Posts: 35

Hello everyone,

I’m happy to announce my new game: Dodge & Pursuit

It is a fast-paced multi-themed strategy game based on a childhood game I used to play with my brother and cousins, in my backyard, back in 2008. We used to spend summer vacation together in my house playing outside all day and one day we decided to create this game. After all these years I decided to adapt it to the mobile gameplay style, and it’s been such an amazing journey developing it while remembering the good old days. And I want you to feel the same, that’s why you will find yourself playing with characters and fields that you are already familiar with from old classic arcade, shooter, top-down games…I’m talking about Sports, Spaceships, Tanks, Pirates... It is all mixed up here to bring that nostalgic feeling, but with a new set of rules!

Hope you guys like it! And thank you for the community support!





Launch Trailer:






  • Braydon_SFXBraydon_SFX Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Bowlboy Sidekick Posts: 9,255

    Awesome, congrats on the launch!

  • adriangomezadriangomez Member, PRO Posts: 255

    Looks good. Just a small note on Android it throws an error when I try to buy "no ads":

  • BaguvixBaguvix Member, PRO Posts: 35

    @Braydon_SFX thank you very much!!

    @adriangomez Thanks for letting me know, this is probably happening because I released this build before adent42 pushed the RC update enabling billing permission last week. I tried on my phone with test card and it worked just fine, so I thought it didn't need an update. Apparently it does, so I'm going to fix it now. Thanks again!

  • BaguvixBaguvix Member, PRO Posts: 35

    Ok it should be working now

  • adriangomezadriangomez Member, PRO Posts: 255

    tested it and works great. left you a nice review. good luck

  • BaguvixBaguvix Member, PRO Posts: 35

    I just saw it! Thank you very much, really appreciate it!

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