Singles' Generation - A sitcom-like Visual Novel coming to Steam!

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Hi everyone!

I'd like to introduce you my upcoming game, called: Singles' Generation.

It will be a visual novel-sitcom hybrid, inspired by fan favorite TV shows like Friends or How I Met Your Mother.

The focus will be on a group of young friends, and their everydays.

Becoming an adult and finding our own happiness is always an interesting topic, and it couldn't be more relevant now than ever: since the internet and social media is almost as important part of their lives like breathing, today's young generation has to face a lot of things, which their predecessors didn't. Online dating, online bullying, influencers are all important present-day topics that will be covered in the game (among others). Of course, the approach of these topics will be much more lightweight than dramatic, since the game's goal is to bring the sitcom experience from the TV screen to our PC's monitors.

To make the story and the characters more believable and lifelike, I've decided to go against the genre standard anime-like graphic style and I've hired more than 40 models to participate in this project. We have made hundreds of photos in several outfits to cover all possible emotions, and to be able to change the characters' clothes constantly as the story progresses and the season's changing from summer to autumn, then winter.

The first season will contain 10 episodes and in each episode we'll get the chance to take control of one of the characters. We'll learn more about them and the player will have the chance to manage their dialogues which can make small changes in their side-stories.

A character introduction video was made as well, please check it out on YouTube:

The game is coming to Steam this year, and the planned release date is somewhere around May.

If you like the concept, please add it to your wishlist on Steam, thank you.

Also, since the game's quite different from most of the visual novels out there, I'm really curious what you think about it. So if you have anything to say about it, please don't hesitate.




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    You using GameSalad's HTML5 engine to publish?

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    No, I'm using Unity Engine. I might be wrong, but I thought any game announcements are allowed here. If not, please sorry for my mistake.

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    Game Announcements are for games created in GameSalad. Even then, we usually reserve the right for people who announce their non-GS games to people who got their start in GS (either by prototyping the game in GameSalad or publishing their earlier game in GameSalad). As an unwritten rule but out of general politeness to keeping the community on topic, post from games in other game engines should highlight that fact (e.g.: "Not created in GameSalad, but...")

    There are plenty of other places to announce your game in a more general gamedev context. We want to keep this forum focused on the GameSalad developer community to avoid spam.

    @ForeverYoungGames I moved your announcement to Non-Gs Game News and removed the direct link. Looking forward to seeing what you create with GameSalad in the future!

  • ForeverYoungGamesForeverYoungGames Member Posts: 3

    Oh, okay, sorry again. I was a bit inattentive.

    Somewhere I've found a list of forums where it's possible to announce indie games and I admit that I didn't take the time to read all of the rules.

    Thanks for being patient to clear things up for me, and next time I'll pay more attention!

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