Help with changing scene once reaching a score


Please could someone tell me how I can change a scene once a player reaches a certain score? I've already got the attribute to keep score and display it, but not sure how to actually change the scene once players reach a score of 3000.

Any help gratefully received! :)

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  • bob loblawbob loblaw Posts: 688
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    so within the 'rule' behaviour, under the bit that says 'when all conditions are valid', the first option is a drop down box where you can pick from:

    • actor receives event
    • attribute
    • numeric expression
    • text expression

    pick 'attribute' from that drop down. in the next box, select your score attribute, which I am guessing you have created as a game attribute, by clicking game, and scrolling through the attributes in the second column. in the next box, select the 'greater than or equals' symbol. in the last box, type the score you want to trigger the scene change.

    then in the section below that, drag the change scene behaviour, and select the scene (or scene index) you want to go to.

    hope that helps.


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