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We now have preliminary support for Android App Bundles (also known as AABs).

New apps uploaded to the Google Play Store are required to be in AAB format. The advantage of the format is smaller download sizes as the Google Play Store will process AABs to extract only parts of the APK required for a particular device.

To build an AAB from your game just click the Build AAB on and Android target of your publishing page.

Your game assets will be bundled in the AABs to use Play Asset Delivery, which means you no longer have to worry about expansion files and the attending loading time costs. If you are familiar with the configurations for PAD, we are using the 'install-time' delivery type, which means your assets will be made available as part of the initial install even if they are downloaded separately.

This release also includes updates to IronSrc to match the most recent release and removes the ability to support multiple full screen ad providers. This multiple ad providers feature was a poor attempt at mediation and has been made redundant with support of ad mediation through IronSrc and Admob (and simplifies our code base).

For now, you will need to sign your own AAB files with jarsigner. You should google "signing aab files command line". For me the top result is:

jarsigner -verbose -sigalg SHA1withRSA -digestalg SHA1 -keystore xample.jks bundle.aab keystoreAlias

Finally, because the AAB process is much more robust, we suggest using it as a basis to getting your APKs instead of our publishing process.

You will need to download bundletool which allows you to extract APKs from your AAB from here:

I just throw the jar file into my android-sdk directory and do the following:

java -jar ~/android-sdk/bundletool-all-1.8.0.jar build-apks --ks=~/keystores/<your>.keystore --ks-key-alias=<your keystore alias> --mode=universal --bundle <path to my aab file> --output=<path to output apks. needs to end in .apks>

This generates a zip file with a signed "universal" apk (which is basically what you're used to working with). If you want to get the apk out of the file without unzipping everything you can use this command (on mac)

unzip -p game.apks universal.apk > my_game.apk

We also have more detailed signing instructions:





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