Game behaves differently as html5

I've been using the Windows Creator to build games for Android for quite a few years now, and it all works perfectly. The game plays exactly the same when running the compiled Android app on my phone and when testing in Windows Creator. After publishing my latest Android game to Google Play, I decided I want to make a Steam release too. But when I publish my project as a html5 (and wrap it with Web2Exe) the game behaves differently to the Android version and the Windows Creator preview. It seems the behaviour differences may be collision related, but I can't be sure.

I've tried opening my game project in the online creator, but it pretty much breaks my entire game, so that is not an option. The only other thing I can seem to do is use trial and error to tweak game rules in the Windows creator, then publish to html5 to test it, repeat. But that is ever so time consuming having to export, wait for the game to compile, download, and wrap it every time I want to test it, there has got to be a better way.

Is there any way for my game to be published to html5 while keeping the game behaviours of the Windows Creator preview?


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    @AshumBesher the HTML5 version has some known differences mostly performance or font rendering related, but if there are collision issues those should have been fixed.

    DM me your publishing link for the game and I'll see if we can pinpoint the reason for any differences.

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