Post-iPhone 8 Aspect Ratio

Hello there -

Is there an aspect ratio that fully projects onto iPhone X and beyond? I am using the GSViewer and cannot seem to fill out the entire screen. My apologies if already covered, but I can't seem to find the proper thread. Thanks, regards.


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    So we need to improve GS Viewer in that regard.

    For post iPhoneX you use iPhone 8 or 1080p. Most users here seem to just use "stretch" when publishing, which will stretch the image to the existing screen filling it. 16:9 is close enough that most people won't really notice.

    Another option is to use overscan for 16:9 and just make sure all of your play area and UI are within a save zone for the new aspect ratios.

    If you're willing to put in some math legwork, you can use overscan and detect the current device resolution. Then based on the difference, move your UI accordingly (which, when done right, also gets you iPad support).

    Since I' don't have first hand experience with these options, I'll let other community members fill in the details (though we should really build a tutorial around this).

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I guess the most logical approach would be to do an iPad-based build and overscan from there, although the overscan would crop out a lot. I also wonder if the iPhone build screen resolution is 2532‑by‑1170 pixels or something less (844 x 390, or one third of the previously mentioned numbers).

    So the question begs - does one build for screen size (pixels) or for aspect ratio?

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    I recommend starting with 1080p or 720p and adding extra space with Stretch and some logic to appropriately resize the camera. You end up adding a bit to the sides for iPhone X and a bit to the top and bottom for iPad. As a rule of thumb it's better to add screen space than to remove it.

    Starting with iPad meas cropping off a LOT of space for iPhone X. I strongly advise against it.

    I have some videos that discuss the implications of both options, as well as some others, and some templates that show how you can achieve the various results.

    The most important thing, though, is to decide BEFORE you make your game (as best you can). It's much, much easier to design around the added or removed space than it is to rejig everything down the line.

    And if you use the Control Camera behaviour you're in for a world of hurt whatever option you go with. :D

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    Thanks, Armelline!

    Edit: Starting out with the iPad Universaliser, changing to other sizes and resetting, works nicely. But I assume this would not work properly with wrap x and y in overscan, right?

    The scene and camera can't be resized simultaneously based on device, right? Just the camera.

    Thant's why I'd have to use stretch. I'll play around and see.

  • ArmellineArmelline Member, PRO Posts: 5,118

    As far as I know, though I'm not sure I ever tested it, wrap X/wrap Y go off the scene size provided at startup. So any kind of universalising, be it overscan or stretch, will lead to issues with wrap X and wrap Y.

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