OneSignal setup - for out of the app notifications

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I'm trying to setup notifications for my app with two services: and

The process is you need to add your app to choose notifications and service that will provide you this, here you choose OneSignal and upload your AAB or APK. After that, it will "enhance" your app and you can sign it through them or just download the unsigned enhanced AAB and sign it yourself (that what I chose).

The problem is when I install it on my android phone the app open for a second and crashes.

You can setup and create your notification from onesignal dashboard (text, image, when to show etc..) which is awesome.

I think this service can provide one of the most requested feature: notifications.

There is someone here that tried those services? or can help me set it up so it will work?

sorry for my English 😅

Thanks in advance


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