Banner size on android

zarzirzarzir Member, PRO Posts: 30

Hi, What banner size do we need to choose ?

I'm using ironsource and at first I tried "300x250 (all)"

With iron-source testing no banner ad is being shown, rewards and interstitial only shows once each

(I'm not sure if that's OK? )

Then I added Admob in Ironsourch panel, the banner ad is shown, but it's a big banner and not suitable for phones.

So I changed the banner size to "320x50 (phones)"

with that the banner shown OK but the reward and interstitial got a black screen when trying to exit the ad and no way to get back to the game.

Did anyone experienced something like that?

If I stay with the banner size at "300x250" will it be Ok when goes live? Any advice ?


  • adent42adent42 Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 2,420
    • We sort of ignore banner size on Android since they introduced smart banners. Admob dynamically adjusts for the device.
    • I'd need to see the APK. In testing we haven't seen issues with exiting ads. Entering ads should pause the game, exiting should resume it. Easiest thing to do is to DM me a link to your publishing page where I can download the APK and look at the logs. If you want to share one with me signed with your key, just upload it somewhere and send me the link.
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