Constraining positions to make a 'loop'

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Hi all, ok here is an interesting question, that I could probably figure out through a lot of trial and error but I'm hoping to get some opinions before I spend all that time:

I'd like to create a scene where all actors are constrained to certain positions at the beginning, and then become unconstrained, and then on a timer become constrained to the same positions again after a certain amount of time, in other words, they go back to their starting positions on their own. But they don't just 'snap back' to the start, they 'walk back' organically.

What I'm actually trying to do is create some animations in GS that I can screen-record in order to turn into looped video. So I need to create something that looks like a looped animation without truly being able to loop it, so all I need is for the first frame and the last frame to be the same. (a bit like something you could do in Unity's old animation window - I'm not amazing at after effects so I'm just using GS instead and recording it as a video).

So for instance one of the things I need to do is have birds fly out of a nest, fly around the screen for a while, and then fly back to the nest in order to start again, so they need to look exactly the same at the start and end of the animation. So the nest is both the starting and ending positions. What the characters do between those first and last frames doesn't matter so much for this question, other than to say that I'm not simply having the characters die and then re-spawn in the starting position, they need to be told to 'return' to the starting position, if that makes sense.

Let me know if I can clarify anything, and thanks for any help you can give me!



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