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I already pm’d a few individuals about this but was wondering if anybody else is encountering this issue. My android app only plays one rewarded ad per game session. Subsequent presses on the “play ad” button do nothing. The only way to get another ad to show is exiting the app and launching it again. If anyone has a live android app using admob rewarded ads please let me know if yours are working normally. If so I’ll need some help troubleshooting. For more background I noticed the issue on an apk derived from an aab during internal testing then I went and tested the live version of my app released about 3months ago using the stable apk build from around that time and the same issue was happening. Any help is appreciated. Thanks


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    Have to bump this up. @adent42 I know you were away for a bit then had to deal with build issues etc but the “only one ad being displayed” bug is starting to effect functionality and of course ad revenue itself. As we discussed before it is most likely an issue with requesting a fresh ad after one has been viewed. Please take a look at this when you get a chance. Thank you.

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    Hey @NoobDev , sorry about the long delay in fixing this. We found the issue and were able to patch both RC and the main release, so you should be good to go when you regenerate.

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    Woohoo. Thanks a ton!

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