Special characters, keyboard input, Windows and HTML vs Mac

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@adent42 You're probably the only one who can answer this, but input from anyone is welcomed.

I'm trying to allow a player to input @ using their keyboard and pass it to a string.

On Mac, I can simply say if key @ is pressed, add @ to the string.

If I preview that same logic as HTML5, though, it doesn't work.

If I preview it on PC, it doesn't work.

Okay then, I thought to myself. I'll just monitor for both the SHIFT (either left or right) and 2 being pressed simultaneously. Doesn't work.

Okay then, I thought to myself. I'll monitor both individually and increment an attribute when each is pressed. If that attribute reaches 2, then add @ to the string. Testing on Mac, if the 2 is pressed and then the SHIFT is pressed, this work. If the SHIFT is pressed and then the 2 is pressed... the 2 doesn't get registered. On PC, the SHIFT is not registered at all, regardless of the order.

Is @ not possible on PC, or have I just spent way too long developing on Mac?

(Note this is not using the Keyboard Input behaviour, but a custom keyboard and the Actor Receives Event Key Is Down rule condition.)


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