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Hello together,

i would like to present here my new App. It´s still in Alpha Phase but nearly done. i expect to upload it within the next 2 days.
I made use of writeable Tables, Network behaviours with my own Server, the Envato API and a looooooooot of JSON parsing...
It currently works with about 38 Scenes, 146 Actors and 14 Tables of which 8 Tables have 1001 Rows each. Total Size currently 4.0 MB

First of all: its no Game

It is made for Vendors of the Envato Network. So if you sell assets on Themefores, Codecanyon, Audiojungle & Co, then this is your App.

It´s a multi language, multi currency Seller Dashboard for your Mobile Device (iOS and Android)

Here 2 Short Videos

General Overview with just a few items in one category

Overview of another Acc with several items in several categories

Still sorting out a few little bugs but in general it´s nearly about done.

Realized 100% with GameSalad ;-)

Not only good for Games hehe


  • Ali_WoodAli_Wood Member Posts: 52

    Cracking work mate, well done

  • 3DMA3DMA Member, PRO Posts: 162
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    Thanx a lot @Ali_Wood‌ ... i just realised how short those clips actually are lol. I still hope you get the idea ;-)

    And thanks a lot again at this place to @jonmulcahy‌ for given me the initial idea and to @Braydon_SFX‌ for showing in his videos what can be done with those nice writable tables :D

  • StormyStudioStormyStudio United KingdomMember Posts: 3,989

    That looks very nice indeedy... great stuff, love seeing the network behaviors being used in such a professional way.

    Never sold anything on those sites, bought a lot from the whole family of envato sites though. Plus sold things on istock and, should really get some Ae templates up on

    I take it you've checked you can use their logos and what not.

    Good luck with it... I assume there's no official Envato companion app then?

  • 3DMA3DMA Member, PRO Posts: 162

    The app is 100% in compliance to the Envato rules in terms of Logo using and so on.
    I hope that in one of the future Updates we will be able to parse more then just JSON Data in the App. That would be much better.

    Once this App is done i am gonna do the same for Steam. Already prepared it Server Side.

  • HopscotchHopscotch Member, PRO Posts: 2,782

    Looking good @3DMA‌, lots of backend work :#
    And I agree, GS is just a feasible for non game apps.

  • jamie_cjamie_c Member, PRO Posts: 5,772

    Looks great, I love seeing non-game apps made with GS!

    Just a thought, but if you're user name and api code are sensitive information I'd consider blurring them out in the video.

  • 3DMA3DMA Member, PRO Posts: 162

    lol thank you @jamie_c‌ but why assuming always bad thoughts :wink: ?

    The API Key was only for demonstration purpose and doesn't exist anymore.

  • cannixcannix Member Posts: 36

    See your app to do good!

    If you can teach me how to use the Network Send Table To URL & Network Get Table From URL?

    I have my own Web Server, but I do not know how to set my web server, do not know how to set the URL Network Send Table To URL of how to set.

    In accordance 7.11 - Networking Behaviors, I have been unable Sends a table, encoded as a JSON string, to a web server.

    Please help, thank you

  • ycanycan Member, PRO Posts: 207

    Really really great. You're Rockiing B)

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