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I decided to work on advancing my GS skills. At the same time I would like to give back to this fantastic community. I will be making mini games and demos as part of this process to try new things and experiment. I will share them with you. I hope you like them.

The first mini game is called Heart Defender. I learned how to make this game using LUA then I decided to convert it to GS. I changed the title, graphics, sound effects and added some particles.

The game has the following features:

  • Cool intro effect.
  • Title and game in one scene.
  • Game score.
  • Simple game play that gets harder with time.
  • Spawned enemy will always face the target.
  • Performance optimised project.
  • Easy to edit game play difficulty.
  • Universal build using stretch.

Sorry no video! Even though this is a simple project comments have been added in each actor to help you understand how the game was built. I hope someone finds it of benefit.

You can apply multiple ideas to this game. You could protect a cake from ants or the earth from an alien attack … The ideas are endless.

Here is the project file link:

Heart Defender

The project was built using stable Creator 0.13.33.

I also would like to thank the GS team for a fantastic product and for the recent improvements and hard work. Keep it up!

Thanks for reading and enjoy …

Please Note: The items uploaded here are for personal use. You are permitted to modify, share or use them in your own projects or games but you are not permitted to sell the original item or the modified product as a template. Also the graphics are royalty free, free graphics from the internet so you can use them as you wish.


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