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When i was uploading my apk to the google play developer console. Everytime came: This name can only have letter from a-z bla bla bla ...

I tried like 20 different names for my apk and all were wrong to the "google rules"
i even tried the same apk names like they were using in the youtube tutorial and it were wrong, so im not really sure what's going on.

what i can see what is different from my data to these from the tutorials is that my data is in an .rar folder it is and .apk file but if "i wanna open it" it opens with winrar.

And in the tutorials its everytime a blank project with .apk at the end nothing more

Hope someone can help me to this problem


  • NNterprisesNNterprises Member, PRO Posts: 387

    It must be an apk to upload to Google play, not sure why yours is a rar.
    Was it a rar before you signed it?
    What happens if you "extract" your rar using the winrar or right click?
    Try just changing the .rar to .apk in the file name and see if anything good happens lol

    I never really give you good answers bud I seem to just ask you billions more questions haha

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