beat them up game template

emojiemoji Member, BASIC Posts: 66

hi again, I have my beat them up game that is doing good so far but it can be better. when the player punch or kick the enemy, how can I stimulate the enemy being punch or kick. (the enemy obviously want to punch me too) and how can i make the player do combo punch. my solution is after certain seconds, the player can press this button and have it do this combo punch animation. thank you


  • pinkio75pinkio75 Member, PRO Posts: 953

    You can use the distance between actors.. i mean:

    when the distance is less xxx than attack etc.. you are making a fighting game like final fight? or a vs fighting?

    Anyway if i remember there's a old template by DBA.

    i've make one VS boxing game with GS and i can tell you that make a fighting game with GS is not really simple.

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