Android Advertising ID Compliance

For those of you publishing ad-supported apps to Google Play, can I ask what your solutions are for meeting the advertising ID requirements? More specifically, Google's policy states:

Apps that target both children and older audiences must not transmit the listed identifiers from children or users of unknown age.

  • Android Advertising ID (AAID)
  • SIM Serial
  • Build Serial
  • MAC
  • SSID
  • IMEI and/or IMSI

It's been a while since I've updated any of my Gamesalad apps, and recently got an email from Google for this issue. Thanks in advance for everyone's time and thoughts!


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    The current build system for GameSalad Android apps will help a lot.

    Depending on when you last published, you may have really old builds that had GameSalad specific analytics code, which has since been removed.

    We've also rejigged our build system to only compile in what ad networks are requested, which means you can pick ad networks that work for you. We also have some special flags for GDPR compliance which you can use to comply with this as well.

    I can't 100% guarantee everything will work out since we don't control 3rd party ad network code. But with the new build system, it should reduce the risk of submitting data unnecessarily and it will make it much easier to help you debug and pinpoint potential issues.


    Republish with "Build RC", submit, and see what google says. If they have a problem, let us know and we'll take a look.

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    Thanks so much adent42! Very helpful information.

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