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BUG: XML Leftovers may be passing onto other actors + bad alerts!

synthesissynthesis Posts: 1,693Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
What I mean here is:
When I create an actor with a set of rules and custom attributes and then insert it into the scene(s). Then later if I make a clone of that actor in the actor library - rename it...then go into it and modify it into a new actor (assume this is a correct way to use GS), then I remove the rules and start building new ones.

If I delete an attribute that I don't need - it throws up a warning that it is being used by actor instances (which is the case in the actor I cloned it from originally). However...since the attribute is NOT being used in the actual cloned actor (now modified)...I have been assuming that ignoring this warning is okay...but now I am starting to think that the warning may be suggesting that some "stuff" is lingering in the XML that can either cause memory leaks and/or other problems.
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