BUG: Text justification behaves different in preview and app build

synthesissynthesis Member Posts: 1,693
edited November -1 in Tech Support
I have found that when using text - if you set justification to left...then in the editor preview - it justifies to the left side of the actor container. Same is true for the right justification to the right side.

However >>>
When executed as an app - the text (when set to left justification) is actually anchored to the right edge of the text readout and then placed OUTSIDE of the actor box and anchored to the left edge. The reverse happens on the right.

This is torture to deal with when trying to layout the text on a scene. It would be nice if the editor and the app build behaved the same way.

I personally would prefer (and it seems the most appropriate) if the text would justify to the interior edge of the actor (not the exterior edge as it is now in the app builds).

If the app compiler is changed...please let us know so we can check it in our apps before updates. As we currently have actors scattered about in weird places (sometimes off screen) to get text to land in the right spot on a device.
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