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I hate png and photoshop

pnvgordinhopnvgordinho Posts: 21Member
Im having desperate times with photoshop. I have these images of a meteorite and I erase the area that i don't need with the magic eraser and them I save the image for web and mobile devices as png 24 bits with transparency. The problem is that when I bring the png to GS this (AAAARRRRGGGHH) White line appears surrounding the meteorite. Ive tried with an direct alpha channel and used the alpha channel to select the area to erase but the results are the samme.
How do you people handle transparency ? Thanks .


  • synthesissynthesis Posts: 1,693Member
    The white lines are due to the matte.

    To fix "none" in the matte selector when saving for web.

    I think that is all you need to do.
  • pnvgordinhopnvgordinho Posts: 21Member
    Thanks, but it still doesn't work. To choose none in the matte selector I cant choose transparency. It as something to do with the selection tool. I even choose zero tolerance to get all the area that I want to erase but the image as anti alias or what ever the name and the surrounding pixels that makes the image smooth are the ones that make the white line appear.
    Thanks .
  • pnvgordinhopnvgordinho Posts: 21Member
    I think I have it. I used the extract tool from the filters menu and then I used the blur filter and the image doesn't have that white rubbish around any more. Thank GOD, I was loosing my minde over this. Thanks for replying.
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