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I'm still offering my trailer service to the community, but there are some changes that need to be brought up.

1. The fall semester for college is starting and my grades come first. I can't really promise that I'll have your trailer ASAP, but I'll work on it when I have the opportunity.

2. I still need gameplay footage. I haven't found a way to capture HD footage from AdHocs and won't be able to add the footage into your game unless it is provided.

3. If you have Skype, the trailer making process can be accomplished a lot faster. Chatting with the client is very useful in finding out what they want when working on the trailer. Skype also has a screenshare utility that I've used to show changes to the clients before I export the video.

4. If you want to purchase a template from http://www.motionvfx.com and have that content edited as your own trailer, I will do the trailer for free. The actual template will cost, but sending it to me and having me change "text 1 here" to "My Awesome Game" will be free of charge. IMPORTANT NOTE! I can only work with templates that are in the Motion 3 or Motion 4 category, so no AE or Cinema4D Templates.

5. Prices for the trailers have changed. Having said this, there are different kinds of trailers that I can produce, so we can work something out.

For Premium trailers such as Rabbit Run or Warped, the cost range will vary between $75 and $150 depending on how much graphical work is put into the trailer, how many changes are requested, and how long the trailer is.

For Express trailers that only require the gameplay footage to be cut together and put to music, the cost will range from $20 to $50 depending on how many changes are requested and how long the trailer is. Express versions will also be able to be produced much quicker than Premium trailers.

Spark It Up is my only Express trailer so far. An express trailer can also be HD as long as HD footage is provided. I would say that Bumps falls between Express and Premium since there was some graphical work put into it.

Here's a portfolio of the projects I've worked on so far:


Rabbit Run:


Bumps 1.1:

Spark It Up:

My Email is: TMitch0@gmail.com

My Skype name is: ToastKitten

Reviews of my services still exist in my old topic in this section and can be found here:


  • reddotincreddotinc Member Posts: 653
    Great work dude.. DEFINITELY worth EVERY cent/penny :)

    // red.
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