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I have Dev Account - Need Team to Help

bigshowentbigshowent Posts: 7Member
edited November -1 in Working with GS (Mac)
I am a fight promoter and President of Big Show Entertainment. ( )
I have an iPhone app in development right now with a firm due to launch in a few weeks, but I'm also a heavy gamer. I'd like to find a team of able artists to work with me on bringing a series of game to the iPhone.

I already have a corporate Apple Dev Account and I have the means of marketing said apps/games with as I already have a publicist on Payroll.

I have a concept for a game I'd REALLY like to see come to reality. It's something that has been eating at me for years and now with Gamesalad and the iPhone, I feel it's the perfect means of getting it out to the public and could easily become a series of different types of games in the same world with an interconnected storyline.

Overall, I'm looking for artists and GameSalad developers who might be interested in working with me on making this game a reality.

If I can find a quality GameSalad developer and then I can find artists. I am offering a percentage of the games revenues paid to you as a contractor of Big Show Entertainment. I'm very serious and not a "dreamer".

Please post your comments or questions here. You can also email me examples of work you have done to [email protected]

Be prepared to sign a full non disclosure agreement prior to my sharing any of the conceptual work, story, plot or expected game mechanics.

Again, this is a very serious venture only to be considered by serious developers. I can promote this initial iPhone game to an international audience on television and in my region on FSN Ohio with commercials in my television broadcasts.

Contact me.
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