Is it a bug?

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I'm not sure it's a bug, but I've tried two ways to do this and it should work either way if I'm not mistaken.

The problem: I'm trying to change my Actors physics.density in midgame, but nothing is happening. I've tried to use the Change Attribute and simply state self.physics.density = 20 (arbitrary number, not really important), but nothing happens as I run the game. I've tried simply changing the attribute so I know I should have a good impact if I changed it, but alas no effect.

Then I tried setting up a Constrain (Density)Attribute to another attribute which I altered instead, but again without result. I checked by adding a Display Text and can confirm that it thinks that the Density is set to 20, but there is no effect game wise.

Is this a bug or do I need to update the Actor in some way to make this work?


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    I get the Lock.
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    Yes, setting the density before running the game produces the effect I'm after.

    Basically, I want to control how heavy the Actor is for collision purposes.
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    I don't know if it will make much sense. Thanks anyway. I'm going to try destroying the actor and spawning another one in its place.

    I was mostly curious if it was a known bug.
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    Well, at least its not a bug then. Anyhow I made a workaround and it works, so I wont bother you with a screen shot. Thanks for all your help. :-)
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